Why Submit?


We know how many choices you have for awards programs but to differentiate ours a little from the rest, we created our own distribution points for product features and promotions of your product and we do not have any hidden fees or restrictions for winners.


We believe that if you earn an award, you should be able to brag and tell everyone about it!


Each entry is $275.00 and the Santa Choice Awards® program provides winners:


  • Featured product placement in The Santa Gallery Mall and promotion through Marriah Media

  • Free radio interview on either Santa Choice or Talented People Radio

  • Product information will be mentioned on Talented People Television – which will be distributed via YouTube.

  • Inclusion in the 15,000 Media recipients of the Santa Choice Award® Winner Press Release

  • Cross-marketing promotion throughout Marriah Media and Jeanne Murphy Public Relations strategic  network of online platforms

  • Permanent acknowledgement of being a Santa Choice Award®  Winner for future holiday season promotion

  • Learn about award seal pricing and licensing


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