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What Happens When Your Elf on the Shelf Gets Stuck in Limbo?


I am not sure about you, but our Christmas Elves return for birthdays. Since I have 8 kids, that’s a lot of visits from the Elves! So last time the Elves were here was back in April. Miss Chippy and Mr. Jingles spent a lovely night with us for our daughter’s birthday. It was great! And then they left. Back to the North Pole they went…or so we thought.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was gone and my son wanted to get a jersey from my bedroom. Keep in mind that I never, ever want anyone in my bedroom. It’s a house rule: no kids are to be in my bedroom when I am not home. Don’t get excited; I have nothing to hide, save my precious NYX make-up, Lia Sophia jewelry, and various hair products. These items are just so much fun for each and every one of my children to play with! The first thing little hands go for is that which matters most to me! And then what happens? Make-up is ruined, earrings are missing, and hair products find their way onto the floor!

So it was that one day I was gone and my hubby was in charge of the brood. Apparently, he was too busy to know that my son was in our bedroom. Well, I have no idea why my son opted to search a drawer other than the one where my hubby’s jerseys are, but he did. And, lo and behold; guess what he found? Miss Chippy and Mr. Jingles stuffed in a drawer! He ran to tell my hubby and the other kids, who were all in disbelief. My son instructed everyone to follow him and sure enough the two elves were still there! They were respectful of the “no touching the elves” rule; they greeted the elves and left the room.


Fast forward to a day or two after this took place and my son is telling me this story. He said, “I bet they are still there.” As I almost choked on my food, I gave my hubby the evil eye first and--trying to think of something quickly--I first asked him why he let the kids in our room?! He was smart, for he opted not to answer. He knew that no matter what he came up with, he was in for it! That gave me enough time to think. Then I looked to my son and I said, “Well, clearly I will have to go and see if they are still there!” And I did. And (of course) they were gone! At this point, the game was flipped and I had everyone in an uproar. “Are you kids all lying to me? You know you shouldn’t lie--ever!” I thought to myself, “Now I’ve got them!” They responded, “No, Mom, we swear; they were there.” At this point, I was so upset (smirk) that I told them this was a serious matter and I was writing to Santa! The children’s faces dropped. “Wally World is closed?!” is probably the best way to describe their faces! And so I did; I wrote to Santa.

After I wrote to Santa, we all went to bed--I could not wait for morning. I got up and checked my email and sure enough, we had an email from the North Pole! Long story short, apparently the night of my daughter’s birthday, after everyone was asleep, the elves were playing around and they accidentally got stuck in the drawer (which was closed on them by Dad). They were scared for their tiny elf lives and they screamed as loud as they could, but no one heard them. And so, they sat there for weeks on end waiting for someone to free them so they could get back to Santa. They apologized to me because they knew they should not have been playing around like that--and in my bedroom no less, which they know is off limits to elves, too. They were forever in my son’s debt for opening the drawer. They had been overjoyed to see all of the kids; they missed them and thought that they were going to die in there! Then, when the drawer was left open, they were able to fly back to the North Pole! They went straight to the Elf on the Shelf Rehab Center to treat all of their emotional distress and then they were able to spend some quality time with Santa at a resort before their flight back here for the next child’s birthday.

Well, given how traumatic this experience was for the children, I made sure to remind them that everything happens for a reason! I also reminded them that neither kid nor elf should be in our room unless Mommy or Daddy is there with them. With that, all were happy, Christmas was saved and, yes--for inquiring minds--Dad lived (he stayed in the doghouse for a few nights, but he survived).

Thank God for email so that we could resolve this matter quickly, but more so; thank God for quick, smart Moms. (wink)

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