Jeanne Murphy, Founder


Jeanne Murphy began as a mom at home, sitting on the floor with her best friend Colleen Kelly.  Colleen and Jeanne knew that the economy wasn’t looking good in the healthcare distribution field where they worked at the time.


Together on the floor, with their children, they decided to sell coffee makers at flea markets and got up at 3:45 am to make enough to get by.


Then, Jeanne had her second child, and tape-recorded tips that she had that would be edited by Colleen and illustrated. …And of course, approved by her mother.


Hence, “Baby Tips".


In fact, the original name for “Baby Tips” was,  “Mother Knows Best”.


Once Fisher Books acquired “Mother Knows Best”, the name was changed to “Baby Tips” …which lead to best-selling book titles displayed prominently at Wal-Mart and Target, along with booksellers like “Barnes & Noble” on end caps.


Shortly after an executive of Fisher Books, which was acquired by Perseus Book Group, recommended Jeanne Murphy apply and serve as “Managing Editor” for Mom.Com in 2000.  At the time, the Internet was emerging and this would be a pivotal role to the future.


Once Jeanne was positioned, she served as the manager of editorial, which included approving content, working with advertising and managing staff.


Throughout the process of, Jeanne Murphy considered the “Parents’ Choice Awards” an interesting operation that would be news-worthy to the community that eventually sold off to “" and then, “IVillage”.


Shortly after working at, Jeanne went to work as the Director of Business Development for the “Parents’ Choice Awards”.


After which she left the Parents’ Choice awards, which was primarily reviewing children’s media products, (i.e., toys, games, books, to serving as the Director for the "" which provided an online platform for manufacturer products submissions.


Jeanne worked closely with “ASTRA”—the “American Specialty Toy Retailers Association” on a program that would help independent toy specialty retail stores compete against the online stores.


In 2007,  Disney Internet Media Group acquired iParenting Media and it’s subsidiaries, including the iParenting Media Awards, which were closed in 2009.


Jeanne Murphy began researching the consumer products industry.  Simultaneously, she and her best-friend Colleen Kelly opened a public relations firm which represents established businesses such as Mercer Institute of Management & Technology, the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, the top best-selling training and occupational development, non-fiction authors and businesses and publishers world-wide.


Jeanne Murphy & Colleen Kelly are the owners of Jeanne Murphy PR, “Talented People”™  radio and television and are also the creators and owners of Marriah Media, LLC which oversee the properties of Talented People™, “Create-An-Elf”,”, “”, “” and, “”.