Retro Vintage Miner's Lunch Box​

May Metal Fabricators


The Miners Lunchbox aka World's Best Lunchbox, has been manufactured since 1956 and is well known to last 30+ years of daily use. Manufactured from lightweight, rustproof aluminum, these super durable lunchboxes were designed to tip over on end and use as a seat!


This iconic lunch box has been manufactured over the past
50 years in Canada.  Designed by a miner, for a miner, our boxes are hand crafted from high grade aluminum,  
making them virtually indestructable, very practical, and so lightweight! This retro style box has many uses, not only 
as a GREEN lunch packaging product, but for also for tools, storage, safety awards, promotional items, or whatever 
you need it to be!  Handcrafting produces irregularities in the finish, which does not affect wear or durability.  

As Leo always said,  "We make 'em tough, not pretty"

Santa Choice Awards Houseware Winner