The Bored Game Travel

The Bored Game Company


The Bored Game Travel is an activity decider for children ages 6 & up. 

A variety of game and activity choices, requiring no more than a pen and paper, it is ideal for traveling children. Just spin the arrow with a flick of your finger, to see which game or activity is chosen for you to play. Detail, instructions or images relevant to that activity will appear. 


These activities are classic games, which promote creative, physical and explorative activity. These travel games include geography, origami, airplane games, car games, boredom busters, scavenger hunt, memory, M.A.S.H, license plate game, guessing game and more. The Bored Game promotes Back to Basics Play and bridges virtual to physical activity.


This App is a great way to keep children occupied during the busy holiday season!

Santa Choice Awards Best App Winner