Custom Black Lightweight Sweater

Moe Donnely


Custom lightweight sweater in black with asymmetric panels in brown mottled sweater knit and white/grey stripes.  Brown sweatery elbow patches and thumbhole sleeves.  Paneled back for subtle texture accent and detail.  Tiny stash pocket at the chest- perfect for cash/card/house key/lipgloss/etc.  Unique collar design with functional button closure.  Banded waist and extra long sleeves.  Serged and sewn for a long life of wear, machine washable. 


"My name is Moe Erin Donnelly and I run the solo show of Sew Moe--currently based in the sleepy blue mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. I make each design by hand--crafted with sass, beauty, function, and inspired originality."


"There is something incredibly satisfying about beginning the day with folds of fabric and leaving the studio with a finished, wearable item of clothing that I designed from start to finish. And better yet--getting to send it to someone who will love it just as much as I do. "

Santa Choice Awards Apparel Winner